Caring for Families and their Community

Every life is a story waiting to be told.  As we walk with your family our focus is to lead each generation toward healing.  Our education includes an understanding of hearing, sharing, seeing, connecting, remembering and celebrating the life your loved one has lived.  Our goal is to make sure that this experience is meaningful. Contact us today to speak with one of our directors.

Create Healing Experiences

 Emotional Needs

Everyone goes through the grief process differently, but everyone does grieve.  We provide grief and aftercare materials - those on this website that can be tailored to your questions in addition to a series of printed material that will be mailed to you at key times during your recovery.  

Funeral Services

Practical Needs

Paper work and forms can be overwhelming.  We will process certificates and permits, insurance forms and veterans forms, notifying social security as well as obituary notices.

Burial Services

Spiritual Needs

All families are comprised of different people with different needs and beliefs.  From children's need to understand and process to creating celebrations that are unique to the life that was lived, we take great pride in working with you to honor and celebrate your way, so that you may find healing going forward.