Designing Your Celebration of Life

There are many ways you can customize your Celebration of Life to honor the memory of your loved one.  We have included a few ideas here, and would love to talk with you further about the possibilities available.

 Incorporate photos & personal items

 Let us help you arrange photo collage boards and items that had meaning in the life of your loved one.  Special areas can be set up in the greeting area, front of the Chapel or scattered around for viewing.  We have hosted kayaks, golf carts, motorcycles and countless smaller items in our Chapel and would love to help you set up a display that has special meaning to you and your guests.

 Involve attendees in the services

 Involving those who have come to the service can be very therapeutic to all and can also give you memories to reflect on in the future, when you may be missing your loved one.  In addition to a custom guestbook, you could have guests write little notes on "I Remember" cards, small stones, a favorite picture blown up, or even the casket or cremation urn.  

 Invite guests to take an item home

 A bag of seeds from the person who loved gardening, a tealight candle to remind guests to light a candle in remembrance of your loved one, a special saying or a favorite recipe have all been used to honor and celebrate their lives.  We can help facilitate and distribute these items to your guests.

 Creative Receptions

 Did your loved one have a favorite food or beverage?  Include their favorite candy in dishes around the reception area, have pies instead of cookies, serve their favorites as a special reminder of all they loved.  We can facilitate catering or supply your special requests.

 Involve children

 A special coloring area for the kids to share their memories helps children to cope the the feelings that they have as well.  Encourage kids to be a part of the service, if there are older children who can contribute a poem reading or play or sing a special song.  Their sense of loss is very real too, and they can feel connected if allowed to share in the experience.