Exclusively for Veterans

As funeral directors we are honored to serve those men and women who have protected our freedom both today and in the past.

We do the paperwork for you to secure benefits for qualified Veterans to ensure they receive everything they have earned.  We'll quickly prepare the documentation necessary to apply for any Veteran's final expense benefits the family may be entitled to receive.

Survivors of active or retired member of the military at the time of death, or an honorably discharged veteran could be eligible for a number of benefits including:

  1. An American flag
  2. Burial in a National Cemetery (included the grave space and opening and closing of the grave)
  3. A bronze or granite marker
  4. A lump sum payment of $300 is usually available to families of those veterans that were entitled to receive VA compensation or pension at the time of death (such as retirees), or veterans who died while a registered patient in a VA hospital or other accredited VA facility. If one of these circumstances apply and a National Cemetery is not utilized, up to $150 can be reimbursed as a plot or interment allowance (requires proof of payment to a non-VA cemetery). Additionally, for veterans who die of a service connected disability, the VA could pay an allowance to reimburse funeral costs of up to $2000. Active duty military personnel are usually entitled to a greater amount which can vary.
  5. If not remarried, the surviving spouse is eligible for burial in the National Cemetery. Dependent children of the veteran are also eligible.
  6. Claims for Veteran's Benefits must be filed within two years of death by the veteran's family, non-family member who can prove that the Veteran's funeral services are paid, or the funeral director.
  7. Full military honors are provided at the discretion of the military. They are generally provided only to those on active duty or retired military personnel.

We will assist you in applying for these benefits once you provide us with the Veteran's Honorable Discharge (DD214).  For VA assistance and information, phone 1-800-827-1000 or visit their website here.